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Would You Like to Enhance Your Current Phone System for FREE?

Most businesses today would love to get something for nothing. And with ClearPath ePRI, you have the possibility of adding additional features and services to your existing phone system for the same price or less than you're paying now. To see if your company would benefit from ClearPath ePRI, take a look at the following five questions.

Does your current carrier give you:

--Single point of contact for your carrier and PBX needs?
--Business continuity & disaster recovery protection?
--Simultaneous ringing of your desk and cell phones?
--Bundled minutes or unlimited usage of local and long distance?
--FREE 4 digit dialing over your PRI without costly private line data connections?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you're not getting your money's worth from your current carrier service. With ClearPath ePRI, you have multiple options to choose from to make sure every dollar you spend provides you with the most comprehensive level of service and features you're entitled to.

Choose the proper path for your business needs:

ClearPath Enhanced ePRI
   PRI for Voice with two options:
     Bundled--Never pay per minute charges again!
     Measured--Low per-minute charges for businesses with limited usage

ClearPath Converged ePRI
   Provides business class voice and internet on same T1 circuit

ClearPath Data Circuit
   Provides business class internet on a dedicated T1 circuit




CTI ClearPath ePRI Features and Benefits

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for Voice

In the event your T1, PBX or office facilities are down, you have several choices that maintain your presence as a business:

You may redirect your main number automatically to a Branch Office or Disaster
   Recovery center (if you have one set up).
--You may redirect your main number and Direct Dial numbers (DIDs) to your cell
   phones or another number during the outage. 

In either case, you continue to work and be productive with CTI ClearPath ePRI providing Business Continuity for free.

Direct Trunk Overflow

This enables your main number, delivered on the ClearPath ePRI, to forward to a backup POTS (Analog) number in the event of PBX hardware or T1 issues. Your main number continues to ring until the problem is resolved.

Unify your Organization

The Clearpath ePRI solution, when provisioned as a ClearPath Converged ePRI, offers the opportunity to connect your branch offices together for four digit dialing among them.

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for Voice and Internet

The Clearpath ePRI solution, when provisioned as a ClearPath Converged ePRI, provides on demand bandwidth for voice and Internet.  The fewer the number of concurrent calls, the greater the Internet bandwidth available at that moment in time.

Cost Savings through Bundled Usage Packages

Bundled local, regional and long distance packages are tailored to your company’s usage requirements, saving you money.

To find out how ClearPath ePRI can benefit your business, please call
1-888-477-4CTI EXT. 5010 and ask to speak with one our Account Representatives. Or send an e-mail to
to request more information.

Get More for Less from a Company You Can Rely On.
The ClearPath ePRI from CTI.



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